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Casino King Quiz – Are you a gambling genius?

Playing in the casino is a great way to challenge yourself – a spin of the wheel, a roll of the dice or a smart bet when the chips are down and you’ll soon be feeling like a king. But do you think you know all there is to know about online casinos? Why not challenge yourself with this quiz that’ll test your knowledge of the casino’s revenue, the games on offer and the various odds and probabilities you need to master in order to really be the king.

Let’s take slots for example – how well do you think you know your online slots games? You might play at one of the big sites like but do you know when they were first invented? Or by whom? The date is one of the questions so we can’t tell you that, but the inventor was a man called Charles Fey who initially used it as a means of simulating playing a game of cards. Without giving away an answer, the slot machine was invented long enough ago that it had to endure a period where gambling was illegal. During this time, the slot machines didn’t stop being played, it simply changed the prize – if you won, you no longer got some coins, instead you got some chewing gum.

Or what about poker? Do you know how many times you would need to shuffle a deck of cards in order to receive the same arrangement of cards? Assuming you’re shuffling them properly for a truly random deal, then you’d need to shuffle them around 1068 (or 1 with 68 zeros behind it), which makes it exceedingly unlikely for that shuffle to come up twice in a game. But it does happen! If you riff-shuffle a deck of cards sevenor eight times, most of the cards will end up back where they started which can mean that the results of one draw are repeated.

Did you know all of that? Well, you won’t know the answer to every question here – but why not test your knowledge and see how you fare in this casino quiz?