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Poker Pros Surprise Careers

You’re probably reading this whilst sat at work, stuffing your face with your BLT meal deal, having gone for the chocolate bar instead of the crisps so you think that you’re a pretty adventurous person, throwing cation to the wind with an IRN BRU instead of the customary bottle of water. What I can tell you is, all is not lost. You aren’t beyond saving, there could be a more exciting existence out there for you.

Being a professional poker player is becoming more and more accepted in society and with that, a massive influx of young players who’ve won a few quid online, potentially at Paddy Power, are taking a chance and giving it a go in the big leagues… Trying to win those massive WSOP cheques and the trophies and bracelets that go along with it. Back in the day it wasn’t so easy, poker wasn’t seen as a viable career and many of the winners of the biggest tournaments were on temporary leave from their regular 9-5 jobs. They managed to do it, so why can’t you?

We decided to list out some of the biggest poker pro’s and their former careers, how many of these did you see coming?

Phil Ivey

Phil Ivey, THE Phil Ivey, the guy who’s won 10 WSOP bracelets, 1 World Poker Tour title and appeared at 9 World Poker Tour final tables… in the poker world he needs no introduction (although we’ve just given him one… awkward). They call him the Tiger Woods of Poker, for all of the right reasons, not the wrong ones, and he had a pretty interesting life prior to building his poker bankroll.

Ivey began his career as a telemarketer who honed his card skills by playing against his co-workers, and winning, a lot. Kind of ironic really, telemarketers getting fleeced… we like that one.

Marti Roca de Torres

Marti is a pretty interesting guy, as well as being a beast at poker. He won his World Series of Poker bracelet in the 2017 World Series of Poker Europe main event. He was born in Barcelona is a former economics teacher. Who would have seen that one coming, someone blessed with the ability to do complicated maths being good at poker? Never.

Qui Nguyen

Nguyen has been a massive success story in the world of poker, emigrating from his native Vietnam in 2001 at the age of 24, he initially settled in California, working in a nail salon, before making the move to Sin City in 2007. He only really started to play poker seriously in 2003 and went on to win the WSOP in 2016! As of 2018 Nguyen’s total live tournament winnings are in excess of $9,000,000 and still rising.

James Bord

Englishman James Bord had been an ‘entrepreneur’ prior to plying his trade with the big boys at the cash tables. Since then he’s gone on to gain a single WSOP bracelet, 9 money finishes and $4.3 million in prize money.