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Casino Comps And Their Real Value

Ever wonder why some gamblers receive gifts from the casinos? Many casino patrons have been given rewards and freebies from the casinos in the form of free meals, drinks, hotel accommodations, concert tickets and merchandise. This is aside from the prizes they've won.

As a casino gambler, it would be great to receive such gifts to somehow compensate for the money you spent in gambling. These rewards are known as comps, which is short for complimentary. Casinos give comps to loyal patrons who have spent considerable time and money playing in their establishments.

All brick-and-mortar casinos (as opposed to online casinos) have player clubs that you can join to be eligible to receive comps. However, many casino players don't pay much attention to comps and concentrate more on the cash prizes. But if you are really interested in lowering your costs of playing in the casinos, it pays to understand how the casinos determine the value of comps that you can receive.

Upon entering a casino for the first time, make sure you join their player clubs and get your comp card. This card is used to keep track of your gambling activities inside the casino, such as the length of playing time and the total wagers. Casinos base your comp reward on your hypothetical losses. If you play long-term, you will lose more money than you win because of the house edge, so the casino determines your comp reward on the average losses you incur.

So if you see someone receiving more comps than you do, don't complain. This just means that the other gambler has spent and lost more money gambling than you. But if you are a smart gambler, you should consider the comps as part of your winnings. You will realize that including comps into your gambling equation can significantly lower the house edge and reduce your losses.

The casino will usually inform you what kinds of comps you can receive based on your level of wagering. The more money you wager, the more valuable the comps you are bound to receive. The casino's website and newsletter have regular updates and information about the various casino comp offers available.

It's great to receive comps once in a while, but don't rely too much on these rewards since they are part of the casino's promotional effort to maintain a gambler's loyalty, and thus entice them to gamble and wager more money. Don't gamble more money than you intend to spend just to reach a certain wagering level. It pays to gamble within your spending limits and not be overwhelmed by the allure of attractive casino comps.

As much as possible, don't limit your gambling just because of the comps. If time and money permits, you can try playing in other casinos to kill possible boredom and frustration. Always remember to redeem your comps immediately before you leave the casino.

Receiving comps is a great way to reduce your casino gambling expenses. It's not always that you win money in gambling and getting those exciting comps is a refreshing thought. Be sure to ask about comp deals from your casino to take advantage of this incentive.