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How to Count Cards!

If you’re looking for games to play in the best online casino out there, then you need to really know your stuff. Do you play slots for the best visual effects and chance for a major jackpot? Do you go for roulette, the old reliable? Or do you sit down at the felt and see if you can make a killing playing the advantage players favourite – Blackjack!

When it comes to Blackjack, there are two ways to play. Either you trust in your luck and play it blind, hoping for the best with every play and employing basic strategy to guide you – or you use a special trick that was first publicised by Edward Thorp that lets you almost predict what cards will come out and give your betting an edge. This second method is known as card counting and requires only that you keep an eye on the cards as they’re dealt and keep a careful track in your head.

There are a number of ways to arrange the count but the core method will remain the same across systems, that is you attribute a positive value to some cards and a negative value to others – as cards are dealt to you, your fellow players and the dealer you just need to give them a quick scan and make sure you count up or down based on what cards you’ve seen. The typical way to quantify this is that low value cards have a positive count and higher value cards have a negative one. When the count is in positive numbers, it means that there will be more high value cards left in the deck and when it has a negative one it means that there are more low value cards to come. By keeping track, you can have a better idea what cards are left to come and help you to predict what you’ll be dealt!