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Speak In The Language Of Roulette

To better understand the world of roulette, it is imperative to learn its language; knowledge of even a few words would suffice. Below are words used in roulette that start with the letter A and the letter B:

Action - this term corresponds to how much money the player has placed on bet in the game of roulette, for a certain duration of time.

Action Player - a roulette player who usually place big bets. It is the other term for aggressive player.

Adrenotrend system - this is a betting strategy in roulette. As the name suggests, the player who uses this strategy base his bets on the trend. He or she will usually bet on the number or color that had recently won. This is also known as the Hot and Cold System.

American Wheel - the American wheel differs from other roulette wheels because it has pockets for zero and double zero. In fact, it is also called by the name "double-zero wheel".

Backtrack - this is where the roulette ball spins. Sometimes, it is also called the ball-track. Ball - this is the item that is spun to the wheel to determine who wins. The spin of this ball is reverse of the spin of the roulette wheel.

Bankroll - this signifies how deep a roulette player is in terms of gambling money. If the player has a bigger bankroll, chances are, he or she gets to play longer, but it is not always the case. Sometimes, even those with the biggest bankrolls quit first because they bet big amounts.

Bet on the layout - this is done when a player places his bet anywhere on the roulette table's numbers section.

Biased Numbers - some roulette players believe that betting on biased numbers is safer. Biased numbers are those that win regularly.

Biased Wheel - when a roulette wheel is imperfect, thus causing biases towards certain numbers, then that is a biased wheel. Most casinos guarantee that they do not have biased wheels so that fairness is established.

Black action - this is called as such because the action is made using a one hundred dollar chip, which in most casinos is colored black.

Black bet - this occurs when a bet is placed that the succeeding number will be black.

Blacks - Casino designates the color black to the one hundred dollar chips, thus the name blacks. Blacks are used in wagering in the game of roulette.

Bottom Track - The roulette ball slides first on the bottom track after it has been spun in the balltrack.